As you might have seen, I just added a new feature to Flickrista – Star Ratings. Five little stars appear over every photo on Flickrista. Move your mouse over them and click to rate a photo!

There is also a new sub menu at the top of the site. Besides browsing recent photos, now you can also look at the 25 highest rated photos during the last 7, 30 or 365 days. Since the feature just launched there won’t be much difference between the three sections, but in a week you should see different photos in the ‘Top Rated in 7 Days’ and ’30 Days’ lists.

The function has taken quite a bit of work behind the scenes and may still need some tweaking to become perfect but I hope that you will enjoy the Star Ratings feature.

I would also like to thank my friend Peter Simonsson for designing the star icons.

Try rating a few photos! If you feel passionately for or against the new feature, send me a mail and let me know.

– Andreas