Interview With Fashion Photographer Julia Galdo (Miamizeiss)

Julia Galdo, also known as Miamizeiss on Flickr, is one of my favorite photographers. Together with photographer Cody Cloud, she shoots incredibly inspiring photos. In this interview I talk to Julia about her work and what she is inspired by.

How did you get your start as a professional photographer? Tell us a bit about your background!

Well, I came from the Advertising world and worked freelance on the nights and weekends as a photographer. Then I moved down to Los Angeles to be with my long time friend and newly discovered boyfriend Cody Cloud… and we started working together.

Shortly after becoming JUCO (our collaborative team name), we signed with Maren Levinson at Redeye.

Crazy Mouse

The art direction, styling and lighting of your shots is incredible. What is your process for coming up with the look of a photo? Do you work with a large team?

We work mainly with the same people, models excluded. And Cody and I have been working together for a really long time (since we met eachother in College) so the way that we discuss ideas is pretty formed. The biggest part of our collaboration is coming up with the idea and execution of a shoot. Which sometimes take weeks or months or an afternoon.

What equipment do you bring to a fashion shoot? Any favorite gear you couldn’t live without?

Um, every shoot is totally different. The last fashion shoot we were on there was 9 people on set making our vision happen. But the time before that we were in the middle of nowhere with just film, two cameras and our friend. We prefer to shoot film, but sometimes we don’t always get to. I guess the only I couldn’t live without on a shoot would be Cody.

You collaborate a lot with photographer Cody Cloud, why do you think you work so well together?

Because we like a lot of the same things. And we have a really open creative dialoge. We’ve known eachother forever and have just adapted to working with one another.

You’ve shot celebrities like Dave Franco and Hailee Steinfeld and campaigns for brands like Lexus. What type of assignments do you enjoy the most?

We like the assignments that let us do what we want to do. There’s a couple of photo editors that let us do that because they have faith in us, and it’s really exciting to be able to do whatever we like. It’s a nice challenge to push ourselves and to come up with something that’s thoughtful and beautiful at the same time.

Dave Franco

What shoot has been the most memorable so far?

Working for Target on a print campaign this year. We traveled to three states in 10 days and the shoot was so super duper fun. Everyone on our crew was amazing and our producer was incredibly funny. I laughed so hard and took some pretty exiciting photographs to boot.

What inspires you? Any favorite photographers or websites you go to for inspiration?

I go to Fashion Gone Rogue… they post almost all of the big campaigns, editorials, etc… and it keeps me well informed. I think old stuff inspires me too… so going to thrift stores and antique places make my wheels turn.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to aspiring photographers?

Shoot a lot. Look at a lot of work.

What projects are you working on right now?

We just shot a feature for SLAM magazine (basketball). Two personal projects (one about cowboys and indians and the other based ont he child’s game Hide and Seek). And a fashion feature for Foam magazine.

Where can readers find you on the web?