After a long time of design, coding and testing, the new version of Flickrista is here.

Many of the changes are behind the scenes, including a from the ground up rebuild of the way we store information about photos and photographers. This will not only make the site faster, but also enables some cool features like showing links to more photos from the same photographer on photo pages.

The visible changes include:

  • A redesign of the site, making it wider and a bit more minimalistic.
  • Larger photos.
  • A new voting system. Click the small heart icon and you vote for a photo.
  • The new Popular section sorts photos by number of votes and the time span in which the photo was published on Flickrista.
  • Grid view, both for recent photos and for popular photos.
  • User Comments so we can discuss lighting, composition, styling or other things about individual photos.

The site is designed for modern browsers and looks best in Google Chrome or Safari, but should also look pretty good in the latest versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Try out the new features like Grid View and voting, and let me know what you think in the comments!