Fashion photography

Chloé by Adriana Tedeschi for Flickrista

Our latest fashion editorial features model Fernanda Speciale in a stunningly beautiful and intimate shoot from Italian photographer Adriana Tedeschi. Hair and styling by Allegra Parlavecchio and make-up by Adriana Tedeschi.

Photography and Make-up: Adriana Tedeschi
Model: Fernanda Speciale
Hair and Styling: Allegra Parlavecchio
Location: Vivai Benfratelli

“The idea was born from a dream I had about a girl who lived in a secret garden with a sweet and romantic air. With my stylist we decided on all the details, focusing on something dreamy and delicate like a flower. I then chose the model and a very charming location.

And finally, the name I gave to the editorial is strongly linked to the meaning of the photos because Chloe is from the Greek word which means “green grass”. It was one of the names by which the earth goddess Demeter was known. She was responsible for making things grow and protecting the vegetation, so Chloé is a name deeply connected to nature and to green freshness and youth.” – Adriana Tedeschi

You can see more photos by Adriana Tedeschi on her Facebook page.